Whether it is long term business management, short term strategic planning, or project solutions, Chelsea Creative Co. has been privileged to work alongside great business minds, innovative artists, and socially-aware organizations who all want to impact their culture by seeing their full potential realized. Here is what some have to say...


Brett Warren

Chelsea is an incredible part of my business. Her attention to detail and strategic problem solving skills have saved me from having to deal with many problems over the years. Chelsea is highly organized, and a great motivator. She has provided many great marketing ideas, and made certain to implement the plans and see them through. 


Nathan McCauley

Chelsea was with us when Providence Auto Group was little more than an idea. We now have near over a million dollars a month in sales and more than 15 employees. More importantly, our business does a lot of good, and she never let us forget that's why we exist. I trust her with the keys to our company and would recommend her to anyone looking to get the best out of their people and organization.


Randy Widrick

I have worked as a consultant with many organizations. In working with all types of people, I would easily classify Chelsea in the top 5%. Possessing an analytical mind, with the ability to articulate and communicate details to others in an understandable fashion, and always prepared. Impeccable integrity with a fabulous work ethic, Chelsea will go above and beyond to complete the task. I have not known her to be fearful of any challenge, but will find a way to "climb the mountain."...or go around it, over it , under it or through it...very creative.