Frame 1 - Wesley Knight

When visionaries this focused, this excellent, united by a greater cause than themselves get together everything seems to fall into place. I would not do the disservice of actually saying that everything on this project fell into place because it was months and months of dreaming, planning, executing and follow through. There truly was very little need for the kind of production I usually do. From the beginning I knew this was a project I wanted to be a part of, even if it was holding a light stand, but they all kindly humored me and let me do some production work.


The brains behind all of this started with Wesley Knight's idea for a ready-to-wear line, inspired by the concepts "transparency, vulnerability, self-consciouness exposed by examining yourself and not others." With that he rallied Brett Warren to capture stills and Jordan Bellamy to add movement to the story they dreamed up. 

Craftsman: Wesley Knight
Photographer: Brett Warren
Director: Jordan Bellamy
DP: Ryan Mclemore
Composer: Thad Kopec
Beauty+Grooming: Aña Monique
Talent: Dylan+Laura Hanson (Amax) Take a look and enjoy