Adventures of Humility

Why is it so difficult to admit we need help? Is it because, we think it means failure? Is it because we want to control the outcome of our works, to protect a very precious idea, or maintain our reputation? Is it because we do not think we are in need of help? What ever the reason, we need help more often than we are comfortable admitting.

Approaching every situation with humility will reveal that you cannot control most things and you do not know everything. It must be present before your greatest potential can be revealed. Humility will open the door of opportunity for the right person to enter your tough situation who can bring change. There is an irony in the fear of losing control, which is, that fear will actually prevent you from stability. 

Humility does not mean you are a victim, it means you have an accurate perception on your abilities. Humility is necessary to be honest; honesty is needed to gather accurate information; accurate information is needed in order to arrive at the right place in time. If the information you have gathered is inaccurate, exaggerated, or biased, then you will be detoured or delayed from your desired destination.

Now that you are embarking on a great journey to unknown or uncharted territory, asking for help is not a sign of failure, it is a sign of honesty and humility. If your final destination is greatness, get comfortable with needing help and expect to need much of it if you want to be a part of anything bigger than yourself.