Remembering to Remember

I began this entry several days after I intended to post. The original content was about how things never go as planned, and how beautiful lessons come from the inevitable errors that we humans make. As I hit save and publish, I confidently closed everything only to find there was a technical error made. The pride I felt in my intentionally placed puns, and artfully articulated sentences led me to the verge of tears when it was all lost. I was proud about how positive I was, and how much it could encourage someone.....

I may or may not end up re-writing it, but this moment caused me to take a look at what I was saying. Do I believe the words I share so easily, You advance in the direction of your focus? I will admit, it took me a minute to shift, but I began to reflect on some research I had been doing lately. I am only beginning to scratch the surface of the power my attention and focus have on where I am going.

The Jewish culture, traditions, and way of life fascinate me. Many things stand out to me about this resilient people, and their ability to survive through the ages despite their size or number of enemies, but something that is currently resounding with me is their dedication to reflect. Their calendar has 12 official holidays that require them to intentionally recognize where they came from, how they got to where they are, and where the are going. The calendar also has 4 new beginnings-4 chances to start over, an entire year of rest (Jubilee), one day every week for rest (Shabbat), and none of that takes in to account the multiple times they were commanded to set up memorials for great victories to revisit for generations. 

I have observed almost everyone I know go far too long without celebrating, acknowledging, or giving praise. I hear a plethora of reasons why. "I haven't accomplished anything lately." "I don't have time to rest." I will celebrate soon." I am convinced, that if we take the time to acknowledge, credit and celebrate, there will be an exponential shift in what can be accomplished and we will be spending most of our time reveling in a position of gratitude. There is something very present in this life that steals our joy. It robs us from the life we were intended to experience. 

Allow me to humbly encourage you to acknowledge even the smallest accomplishment, credit the source responsible for getting you to that achievement (for many, if not all, things cannot be achieved in our strength alone), and celebrate the results on a regular basis. In a moment you are most discouraged, reflect on the growth you have experience, and watch new life come out of that shifted perspective.