Fan Club

Billy Reid has an incredible concept for a series on their blog called "Fan Club" where they,

 "invite chef and musician friends, who we know share a mutual admiration, to create a list of 'burning questions' for each other - things they’ve always been curious about, but never had the opportunity to ask."

One more reason I love Billy Reid. Their blog is filled with spotlights on other passionate people and organizations who move and inspire them. This feeds my people-loving heart. 

Brett Warren was asked to join him while he captured images for the blog, and graciously let me tag along on the adventure, which quickly became a dream come true for me. I can think of very few things I enjoy more than being given permission to simply sit, listen, and enjoy conversations which bring dreams to the surface (call me a glorified eavesdropper). Not only that, but I love watching unity in different dynamics. When I heard about the premise of the blog, I wished I had thought of it. But in the end I was just glad I was able to be a fly on the wall of the unfolding content.

Upon arriving we were quickly, and warmly greeted by a gifted hostess, who would probably never tell you that she has received a James Beard Award, that she is an a board member on multiple charitable organizations, or that she has 7 restaurants in one city; she would however insist that you are more than welcomed. 

As Brett began to document the afternoon, I watched as genuine conversation, and authentic content for the blog began to unfold between the four passionate individuals. Take a look (here) at the conversation between friends who really admire, respect, and draw inspiration from one another. I would venture to say everyone left full that day-me the most (and yes, the food was amazing)!

Bravo! Billy Reid for generating authentic, and genuine content not just limited to your apparel. 

Special shout out to Brett, one of the most self-sacrificing people I know. You are constantly capture things that reflect beauty, and encourage dreams to come to life!