The Climb

The last couple of weeks have consisted of frequent strolls down memory lane. I don't often go down that lane, but I noticed something while I was meandering. There was a lack of hesitation in creating-I used to create something everyday without hesitating. It wasn't always very good and rarely refined, but it was my creation and I wasn't afraid to make mistakes. 

 Today my friend jokingly asked me to write a poem and I had mini panic attack; that caught me off guard. It is going to take some honest reflecting for me to understand where I became afraid to create and why, but I want to be refreshed by the life that comes from creating. So I made up my mind to write a poem today. First, I had to silence the voices saying, "you have nothing to write about," or "you don't even know how to properly construct a poem."

I begin to think of it less like words and more like colors in a painting. I chose three colors and started to paint. It was fun, then when I got stumped, I pick another word for a color not quite knowing how to use it, I wrote it down any way. I just needed to see it on "paper." I was motivated by delete-if I make a mistake there is always the backspace and no one will ever know. (I used it a few times) 

May I present to you without fear, my first painting in a realllllllly long time...