3 Things I learned from "Old Glory"

I know many of you think Betsy Ross was the designer for “Old Glory” but despite the legendary tale of Ms. Ross and George Washington, documentation strongly suggests that although Ms. Ross may have made some alterations while she was manufacturing the design, it was another that crafted the “Stars and Stripes.”

Congress was billed by Francis Hopkins a “quarter cask of the public wine” and cash for the design of the flag with thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; so that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field. Payment was not rendered for the design, because it was decided he had already received a salary as a member of Congress.

So, even in the late 1700’s a designer not only struggled to collect on an invoice, he wasn’t even to be credited until recent history. A couple things we can take away from this

  1. Good Design lasts centuries - If you can't do it, invest in it.
  2. Being paid for creative work is a battle that has been around since the foundation of our nation - When someone says it will take an act of Congress to get paid for creative work, they may not realize that it was Congress that started the non-payment payment plan.
  3. Leave a paper trail - Send those invoices, they may be the claim to your legacy and who knows, you might even get paid.